Sensei Store was born in 2014, with the aim of giving each martial arts practitioner a point of reference for the purchase of everything needed to train at best.

Welcome! I am Manuel Turconi, Shotokan style Karateka for over 20 years. I have reached 3rd Dan and I am FIJLKAM Coach and 2nd level MGA Instructor. Over the years, I have realized that often the martial arts practitioner has no idea where to buy the necessary products and, even more frequently, has no kind of knowledge to decide which article to choose.

Sensei Store aims to offer the best products on the market, from models for beginners to those for experts and agonists.

We try to have simple and precise descriptions for each item, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, but above all a customer service very attentive to your needs.

In addition, this is the only site where you can find everything you need for sports clubs: training material (in line with the directives of the major federations), personalized clothing, cups, medals, tatami ... Sensei Store offers complete customization of most items: make your purchase unique and write your name on it!